Spirituality for Sale?

In this consumerist society many people tend to see spiritual growth as a kind of business opportunity…sign on the dotted line and in just a few short steps you will be enlightened and liberated. Spiritual work is not a commodity! Liberation cannot be bought! There are no shortcuts to an embodied enlightenment…and besides, the EXPERIENCE of enlightenment is merely a preview of possibility and just the beginning of the work.

The great spiritual awakening furnishes us with the astounding overview of who and what we truly are. To integrate and embody this realisation, however, requires time and patience and courage and work and an honest self-inquiry while facing up to our darkness and pain. Oftentimes the heart must break in order to open.

Positive affirmations, the inflated currency of commercial ‘spirituality’, take us away from all that we’d rather not confront.

The broad brush strokes of our spiritual ambition paint a confident smile across the anxious face of our uncertainty thus bypassing uncertainty’s real opportunity to pass through the doorway of our doubt and onto the road that is less travelled and onwards still across the unmapped territory of our soul.

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