Spiritual Awakening Has Nothing to Prove

There is science as an avenue of exploration ( the outward looking approach) and there is meditation and self-inquiry (the inward looking approach). Both approaches are important and compliment one another. I have an interest in science and enjoy reading and watching documentaries. I have a passion and a drive for meditation and self-inquiry and read a lot of literature concerning the process and the fruits of meditation. Furthermore, the practice of such an approach has paved the way for discovery and has reaped rewards and an understanding beyond anything that I could have anticipated…yet there was something staggeringly familiar and obvious in the epiphany, It is axiomatic and undeniable and all encompassing and the fundamental answer to everything I had been consciously and unconsciously yearning for. It is as profound as it is simple and the most appropriate word that described it was, surprisingly, the word ‘God’. It just made complete undeniable sense. It first happened 40 years ago and it happened again and again over the years in different ways. It has never left me and continues to grow, It is not a belief. It is as immediate and undeniable as the movement of the breath and the taste of an orange except more fundamental than either. All argument about whether or not there is a God ended at that point. I knew what God was and it doesn’t lead to separation or divisiveness or argument. It is the reconciliation and celebration of all differences. For the most part, I never mention it. Never talk about it …except with some people who are searching (although I don’t try and get them to believe anything I say) or with people who have had similar insight. In the latter case, nearly all the people I know had already rejected their religion or religion in general, had abandoned any belief in a God or after having such a revelation no longer felt the need or relevance of religion. If I have any belief, it is don’t believe what you read…especially with regard to religion. Stay open to possibility and make your own discoveries, if you can. In the end, if it doesn’t gradually strip you of ego and selfishness and increase your capacity to give and to love then a revelation of God has served little purpose other than inflate an ego. If it really does it’s job, it deflates the ego. A spiritual awakening isn’t the end of the road…it is just the beginning. Unlike religion or any belief system a Spiritual awakening has nothing to prove!

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