Jesus the Awakener – Figurehead of the Entranced

It horrifies me and saddens me to see the poor and the marginalised condemned in the name of JESUS. There was no talk of birth control in the Gospels, let alone condemning it. There is no reference to abortion or Jesus condemning  the poor or the homosexual. Jesus appeared to abhor it when we let RULES overpower our HUMANITY! He placed LOVE at the centre of all our relationships, decisions and actions.

Jesus taught LOVE to ALL people. He walked among the poor and the sick and talked about becoming rich in Spirit. He challenged doctrine and attempted to bring alive those fundamental principles Love of God and Love of each other. He didn’t pick out certain ‘deserving’ strata of society. He spoke of everyone and he explained that to find this internal heaven we have to give up greed and selfishness. He would be horrified to see that doctrine has been built in his name; horrified to see himself as an object of worship and described as God (remember he was a Jew…a Rabbi) and horrified to see the sickness that has been perpetrated in his name!

LOVE….what is there about LOVE that you hateful condemners of the poor and the marginalised (Jesus lived among the marginalised and how do we know that he wasn’t gay) don’t understand? “The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath”, Jesus said. In other words, don’t let the word of doctrine guide you if it means acting without compassion.

Jesus WAS NOT a Christian! He was a Jew who was trying to wake up Jews from their dogmatic trance! The irony that his legacy should be millions of people acting hatefully because they are in a dogmatic trance that makes Jesus the Awakener the figurehead of the entranced!

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