I Never Believed in God

I never BELIEVED in God. It was my nature to challenge belief systems but I couldn’t ignore that God or a Divine Presence was at the heart of religions and ancient belief systems and spiritual practises worldwide. Personally, I had an inquiring mind. I was curious about the nature of existence. What is it? Where did it come from? What does that question even suggest? Who or what am I? What is asking the question? I had a sense of so much more than I could sense with my senses. An underlying, implicit depth and mystery that somehow bound everything together…something that could be apprehended through the perceptual facilities of a human being. Something that was essential and vividly individual and yet couldn’t exist in a way that didn’t include all of us. One day that search ended and the questions were answered in the only way they could be. Not from a book or the word of a teacher or guru. Not from a scripture, tradition, tradition, philosophy or belief system. The answer came from within…directly, potently, irrefutably, instantly. I knew God is real, what God is and what we are. Every question, every impulse, every hope, motivation and ambition was satisfied…completely. My life begun!

God is nearly always referred to as ‘he’. . The problem is the God you are referring to isn’t God at all. It’s a belief system and a belief can be interpreted any way that you want to. A belief can also be a non-belief. God isn’t to be believed or not believed. God just IS and we either discover what God is or we don’t. When I read the things Jesus said (whether or not he actually existed) I can see that this character knew God. He knew the nature of God and he was challenging belief systems and bigotry and dogma…and got executed for it by religionists and politicians. God is a RADICAL discovery and anything as banal as believing or not believing is to put God in the same category as believing or not believing in Santa Claus. God is what we are at the very foundation of our being and what that actually means is something to be discovered deep within our own heart.

David Sumeray

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