God Is Not About Belief

Describing God in poetic language is the most appropriate way to talk about God. It is not possible for God to be adequately intellectually described. It needs to be inferred through imagery, feeling, art. So much of art will give a ‘taste’ of God…a direct experience of God because of its immediacy. Music CAN be thought about but only as we apprehend it directly and psycho-physiologically respond to it. Thinking about God is like attempting to see into our own eyes (without a mirror)…impossible because our eyes ARE the seeing, God the SOURCE of our perception, IT is the perceiving, it is our Being, our presence, the source of our intellect and feeling it IS these things, An experience OF God is an experience AS God. All this ‘Do you believe or not believe in God’ is NOT talking about God. It is asking if we believe or not believe in an IDEA of God. A more relevant question is WHO is doing the asking? At the very least ‘What do you mean by God?’ Because just to ask in terms of belief means you are not actually asking about God. It is actually a personal question. At an early age I found myself asking ‘what actually IS this God or Divine presence that seems to be at the heart of religions and cultures worldwide going back thousands of years.?’  What spoke to Moses? Why did this Being demand worship? What did it mean that people perish if they didn’t accept God? What was the real meaning of the Abraham/Isaac story? What is this God that is so important that Abraham would be willing  to kill his own son in order to show faith and dedication? I knew that these stories were TEACHING stories and were MEANT to trouble our hearts and minds because if we are talking about God we are talking about something that will blow our minds and throw the doors of our hearts open. Not do I believe in God…that’s not the question. WHAT IS God, THAT is the question! To BE or not to BE ….that is the question!

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