Vulnerability Connects

It is often the case that it is our vulnerability and ‘weakness’ that connect us rather than our strengths. Being in the position of ‘spiritual teacher; a position that I didn’t contrive and in which I have no investment I find myself with a message of oneness to communicate but there isn’t an image to present, no investment in looking ‘spiritual’ and certainly not an example to set.

I notice that I don’t hide my feelings and fears and lusts. I communicate spiritual oneness and unconditional love as ‘something’ discoverable within but I don’t act spiritual and certainly do not think of myself as better or above anyone else. In spite of feeling a constant stream of extraordinary inspiration pouring through me there is no sense of a ‘messiah complex’ or need to be seen as some leader. My weaknesses and foibles are on display, not in a contrived way; it just seems to be like that and I feel a naturalness and freedom in that.

I’ve reflected on this over the years and I see that the spiritual message means nothing if we hold ego barriers up and camouflage our humanness. It is so often the case that we are bonded in our shadows and that our achievements can create barriers and separate us. I am not advocating a community of weakness and sick personality traits. I’m not suggesting that we should be bonded in our laziness and selfishness. Neither am I suggesting that we create a community of achievement and mutual back-slapping.

What I am saying is that our efforts to hide our vulnerability or sadness or grief sets up barriers as does our efforts to promote our strengths. We tend though to hide what we feel is shameful and it is less often the case that it is our strengths that we are shameful of. Ultimately, we are One but our barriers of self-promotion and vulnerability coverups interfere with that realisation and it is our willingness to reveal our ‘softer’ feelings that can create bridges between us that allow that oneness to be realised and felt.

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