Enlightenment Isn’t All Light

Another word for enlightenment is disillusionment. It is NOT for the faint-hearted! Sure, there are moments of exquisite bliss and deep connectedness to a sense of something sacred but this tends to be the ‘selling shtick’ of the New Age Movement; it’s advertising slogans that sells liquid crystals, charisma boosts, loving relationships, healing energies, dancing angel guides and super business success. It fails to mention ego meltdown, identity loss, drifting relationships, demonic thoughts and the realisation that you’re dying to make a living. Truth seeking is lie revealing. It’s not comfortable. Kundalini awakening shines light into hidden corners that reveal truths we didn’t want to see and releases energy like a tidal wave that drowns us if we resist it and a fire that burns away the comfortable dross we call me. And each time we come to a new level of depth and balance the floor drops away and we have to find that balance all over again.

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