The Spiritual Vibration of Books – Do e-books have it?

I have quite a refined energetic sensitivity…sensing energetic imprints, atmospheres and auras. I have noticed that certain books, especially among the spiritual category of books hold a vibration corresponding to the contents of the book and possibly to the consciousness of the author of the book. I have sometimes bought a book based solely upon its vibration before I’ve properly examined its content. This vibration of a book enhances the value of the book for me. Sometimes just holding such a book can connect me back to Essence when, perhaps, I have been feeling off-centre. Incidentally, I also find that the quality of the paper and especially the aroma of the paper used in the book also contributes to the pleasure, satisfaction and depth of my reading experience.

If I were to publish my own writings I would want control over the quality and odour of the paper used. To return to my point, I have now obtained a Kindle. A wonderful device providing the convenience of owning a library of books that I can carry in my pocket and read anywhere….even on different devices without having to buy the book over and over. However, it lacks the sensuality of the paper book that I have just described and for most types of books this is a sacrifice worth making for the convenience the Kindle or other e-readers provide.

However, I am unsure about spiritual books. The words are all present and correct with the message and gifts that such words can provide but I’ve yet to notice the specific vibration in the electronic version that I so easily detect in the paper version. I have purchased a ‘spiritual’ book in Kindle version and now wonder if I have made a mistake! Not that I won’t benefit by reading the e-book but will I imbibe the vibration from the Kindle version (or whatever e- reader one may be using) in the same way that I would through simply having the paper book upon my person or on my bookshelves…adding to the refined vibration of the room in which I store my books.

Entering a public library or bookshop dedicated to spiritual literature I immediately feel a sacred atmosphere akin to entering a church or temple but I ask myself, would I feel that if every book was merely a digital encoding? I’m not so sure!

So, now I am wondering should I have bought this ‘spiritual’ book in Kindle Version and instead have purchased the regular version? Should I buy both…the e-book for convenience and portability and the paper book for reading at home and gracing my shelves and contributing it’s vibration to the room in which it is stored?

There is no question as to the benefits of not using trees to manufacture books unless book forests are planted and used. Nonetheless, I am also wondering at the possible loss to the world if all paper books were replaced by e-books and libraries, public and personal, no longer existed or were simply a room that contained a computer for accessing an electronic version of a book. Would we be missing out on points of sacred energy in our homes and public libraries? I wonder how many of you think similarly or am I unique in this?

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