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Oxford Dictionary definition of the word “Spiritual”

Relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things: I’m responsible for his spiritual welfare.
Having a relationship based on a profound level of mental or emotional communion: He never forgot his spiritual father.
(of a person) not concerned with material values or pursuits.

“We’ve Got To Get In To Get Out” – Peter Gabriel (Genesis’ The Carpet Crawl from The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway)

It is better to travel well than to arrive. – Buddha

Finding oneself on a Spiritual Path

I want to know God’s thoughts. The rest are details.”  – Albert Einstein

One can be an atheist and an agnostic, a scientist and a sceptic, a theological cynic and then a spiritual awakening occurs and instantly you KNOW (see Blaise Pascal in Quotations). You suddenly understand what all this talk of God is in the world’s scriptures. In an instant, it all makes wonderful, perfect sense and from then on the intellect loses its sovereignty and becomes a servant of the heart; it becomes illuminated and inspired and a kind of spiritual genius takes hold. Life is deeper, richer, numinous and never the same again and everything that came before takes on a deeper significance. One can’t force such an experience…it is Grace. The best one can do is meditate and contemplate deeper matters and live with an open heart and meet whatever arises, however painful, with spaciousness. One kind of makes oneself “accident prone” to these experiences!

The road less travelled is a dark place dappled with light. As we become familiar with the dark so it becomes illuminated.

On the path there are moments of clarity and light and other moments where we can’t see clearly and everything is thrown into question. It can be tough in these shadows but rather than bind yourself to a hope for a return to a world of light, stay present to the darkness, for as empty and arid as  it may feel it is fecund, fertile and life-giving and a door to the yet unrealized.

We can’t arrive in a place we’ve never been to through a door we already know. Enlightenment comes to us by stepping through an unfamiliar door into a place we’ve yet to see.

The writings and links on this site are here to inspire you and support you along the Way of your own Spiritual Path.


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