Recommended Books & Websites on the Spiritual Journey

A list of books and websites that I think are a mature, insightful commentary and guide on the Spiritual Path.

Conscious TV   –  Welcome to  We are a UK based TV channel broadcasting here on the Internet. Our aim is to stimulate debate, question, enquire,
inform, enlighten, encourage and inspire people in the areas of Consciousness, Science, Non-Duality and Spirituality. We are run by a team of volunteers and are not a commercial business.

Ecstasy by Marghanita Laski

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The Black Butterfly: An invitation to Radical Aliveness –  by Richard Moss, MD

Richard Moss Website

Darkness Shining Wild: An Odyssey to the Heart of Hell & Beyond: Meditations on Sanity, Suffering, Spirituality & Liberation – by Robert Augustus Masters, PhD

Meeting The Dragon: Ending Our Suffering by Entering Our Pain –  by Robert Augustus Masters, PhD

Beyond Therapy, Beyond Science – by Anne Wilson Schaef

Living in Process – by Anne Wilson Schaef

Cloud Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown –  by Alan Watts

Narziss & Goldmund  – by Hermann Hesse

The Journey to the East is Hermann Hesse’s tale of inner pilgrimage, an allegory on human desire for enlightenment and the long road that must be travelled to that ultimate goal. Using remarkably clear and accessible language, the book brings together the experience and conclusions of many years of spiritual struggle.

The Prem Rawat Foundation

The Beatles    A spiritual evaluation on the phenomenon that was The Beatles.

 Devastating Wisdom edited by Robert Epstein For more than half his life, U. G. Krishnamurti devoted himself to seeking God, enlightenment, Self-Realization. Like so many others, he sought out saints, sages, gurus, and yoga masters-all to no avail. Freedom and equanimity continued to elude him. One day, in his 49th year, after attending a talk by J. Krishnamurti, an inward explosion took place; and the entire history of collective and personal consciousness was blasted out of his system, once and for all. Following this “calamity,” as he called it, U. G. was a changed man–thrust into a natural state of being-and he spent the rest of his days slaying every sacred cow and convention known to humankind: religion, meditation, yoga, scriptures, reform, feminism, psychology, vegetarianism–not a single practice or tradition was left standing. If you dare to have all your glib answers questioned, if you are prepared to have every cherished belief and assumption turned upside down-then this book of devastating wisdom is for you.

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