Spiritual Awareness Videos

Conversation with Eckhart Tolle

Ram Dass – Living with a Spiritual Heart  – This is beautiful! Ram Dass is a man who has experienced God and for whom arguments about God and atheism are over! Once you have that awakening there is nothing to argue about any more. You just know! Not an arrogant knowing but a knowing that brings you to your knees in gratitude and humility! Statements such as “God is Love” and “The Kingdom of Heaven is within” come alive…numinous with meaning!

An Evening with Ram Dass

Inside-Out Healing with Richard Moss, MD – Richard speaks from the inside out. As he says, he always speaks about the same things and yet he never knows exactly what he is going to say. He connects to Being within and to the Being of his listeners and this guides the talk.

5 Breaths Centering Practice from Richard Moss

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